February 27, 2007

Quit your day job!

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We never hire anyone because no one ever quits! But we have been so busy lately we are looking to draft a few new prospects on to the team! We are looking for sales and mgmt. positions! Dont miss out if you think you have what it takes! Email your resume to or drop one off to Matt at the store. Please dont call about this. If you have turned in a resume in the past feel free to resubmit one! We are looking for the best applicants we can find, even if you work at another store and wanna make some real money, come thru!! Only a few spots avalible.

February 25, 2007

Getta Clue x Slam X Hype

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Check (its in our links section on the right side of the page!) This should already be in your daily website rotation but check it out today. Slam X featured us on there blog and had some pics of those quickstrike shoes I posted up yesterday. Click on over and check out Slam X Hype and check out some dope gear. Thanks to Adam at Slam X!

February 24, 2007

That go!

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Jordans hit today and it was crazy busy this morning! Hope you all got your cool grey 3’s. Our boy Keak da Sneak came thru to cop his pair and all the supreme forces we had in stock. We have a new commercial in the works with him so watch out for that! And how does Phil seem to end up in all these pics, Im gonna start photoshopping some chicks into the pics or something! Thats our DJ Gio on the right.

February 23, 2007

Quickstrike St.Pats Air Max 90’s

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Droppin March 2nd just in time for St.Patricks day. These Quickstrike Air Max 90’s, St. Patricks Day style! These are green with a clover pattern on the side of the mud guard. Cop a pair and get super drunk with a bunch of guys who think they are Irish once a year!

King/Queen of hearts Quickstrikes!

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These quickstrike vandals drop tomorrow morning! These quickstikes have a picture of a queen of hearts on one side and a king of hearts on the other and have an arrow going thru a heart on each toe box. Dont sleep on these.

Yeee! Its Jeff!

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Meet the newest member of the Getta Clue team, Jeff! If you see him around give him a yee! Especialy if your a nice 5’8″ model chick.

Cool grey 3’s.

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Tomorrow 10am! Retro 3 LS cool grey 3’s drop. we also have all the gear with the elephant print you need. See you in the morning!

February 22, 2007

The Grn Apple Tree.

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This spring we are commited to keeping Sac upon whats hot and new. Introducing Grn Apple Tree. The newest addition to the Getta Clue arsenal is designed around high quality premium materials without being overpriced. The hoodies are custom designed and feature some of the freshest prints out. We also just got the tees and bandanas. Be the first on your block with the Grn Apple this spring.

New Artful Dodger in!

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We got the new spring shipment of Artful Dodger is store now! This new spring stuff is the “exile on an island” story. For those of you who arent up on the Artful each peice tells a story and each season is a new part of the story. Check it out. The hoodies are clean like usual and there is denim and tees to go with it also.

February 20, 2007

Cant stop the crooks!

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The new spring Crooks And Castles is in stock! Hoodies and tees! Check the detail on the black hoodie with the 38 hot knifes on the arm. Fire!

Lions, Cheetahs, Giraffes, and Air Max 95s?

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Air Max 95 Supreme. Wow. These are made up of all different types of fake animal hair. No its not real hair! Stop by today and pet ’em before they are gone!!

February 18, 2007

More forces!

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These are the last two installments in the oringinal six players series. Next up will be the new Air Force players (Kobe, Lebron, Parker, etc..) and that will be followed up by the I95 pack. Forces for all the cities on the east coasts I95 freeway. For the summer the theme will be continents and cities, and to finish up the year the shoes will be designed by artists and entertainers. Expect a new Air Force to drop every Saturday for the rest of the year. Wow!

February 17, 2007

Nike dunks just in!

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Check out these 2 new colors of Dunk Lows we just got! One is a Jordan 4 colorway and the other is a yellow/aqua/slate/green colorway with croc pattern on the toe.

February 16, 2007

Jordan XX2.

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Tomorrow the Jordan 22s drop the one with the basketball material is the limited one and we have a few. These come with the custom air system again like the 21s.

Live from MAGIC! Day Three. Dave Gone Wild.

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David came out to Vegas to check out his first MAGIC show with us. One of the new lines that we will be the only ones in Sac with is Lemar And Dauley. Heres a pic of Dave with Brian from L and D, he’s the guy whos responsible for all of all those dope tees with Agassi, MJ’s rings, and Dee Brown with the no look dunk.

Yesterday we showed you the Artful Dodger booth well heres the owner and head designer Scott, straight outta England. These guys had a party in vegas at a pub with darts and fish and chips and dominos. Cant get more English than that, but the gear is hot.. Actualy we will be having some new Artful at the Clue today!

YEEEEE! Ghot ride the whip! Mistah F.A.B.

The hottest DJ in LA right now, Kid Millionaire, Steve Aoki.

Bay Area super producer Trackademiks (E40, Pharrell, etc..) and Capone from Ikon Boutique. Is it just me or do these guys have the exact same haircut (perm)?

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