February 14, 2007

Live from MAGIC! Day Two.

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Ok so day two at MAGIC and more meetings and appointments, trust me its more work then you think! This is the street culture area (whatever that is). This is where you could find the brands we carry like Crooks and Castles.

This was also cool guy central. Alotta dudes who had neon all over print shirts and oversized designer glasses on indoors. But mixed in with all the below par goods there were the usual brands putting out the usual hot fire that we stock. Crooks was one and another was 10 Deep. These guys have been in the game for 12 years now, back when you were rocking Fubu and Kani. And we’ve been stocking it! This is a pic of there booth.

Artful Dodger had a cool booth. Its like a Brittish Pub and had two English soldiers gaurding the door. I just noticed they are’nt in this picture tho, I guess they werent doing that great a job. The Fall Artful is sick tho!

Our girl Vanessa from Ikon Boutiqe ran into TI at the Evisu booth. Looks like he spilled Kool Aid on his shirt or something.

This was just dope….

All Star game is this weekend so the city is over run with posters and ads and whatever else shoe companies could put there logo on. I saw this sign and it reminded me that the Jordan 22’s hit this Saturday, 10am at Getta Clue! The back changes colors as it heats up. No he’s not stopping at 23 either.

If you see some of these at your barber shop or liquor store dont buy em! There fake, actualy dont buy any shoes from those places. There all fake, you just look like a scrub with some neon and camo clear Retro 11’s. I mean cm’on do you really think those are hot!!?? I saw these on display at Niketown and they are not comming out. They are the Fruity Pebbles Lebrons by Nike. They had a huge tub of fruity pebbles the same size as Lebron over ’em. Kinda crazy. Check back tomorrow and meet some of the peeps who bring you the brands that your into… Im tired. zzzz!


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