February 16, 2007

Live from MAGIC! Day Three. Dave Gone Wild.

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David came out to Vegas to check out his first MAGIC show with us. One of the new lines that we will be the only ones in Sac with is Lemar And Dauley. Heres a pic of Dave with Brian from L and D, he’s the guy whos responsible for all of all those dope tees with Agassi, MJ’s rings, and Dee Brown with the no look dunk.

Yesterday we showed you the Artful Dodger booth well heres the owner and head designer Scott, straight outta England. These guys had a party in vegas at a pub with darts and fish and chips and dominos. Cant get more English than that, but the gear is hot.. Actualy we will be having some new Artful at the Clue today!

YEEEEE! Ghot ride the whip! Mistah F.A.B.

The hottest DJ in LA right now, Kid Millionaire, Steve Aoki.

Bay Area super producer Trackademiks (E40, Pharrell, etc..) and Capone from Ikon Boutique. Is it just me or do these guys have the exact same haircut (perm)?


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