April 30, 2007

Country Club Pack

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Grab your clubs and get ready to hit the links with these new country club Nike Dunk Hi’s. They have an aqua argyle print on the heel with a creme toe. Perfect with that Ralph Lauren golf fit you borrowed from your grandpa.


April 28, 2007

Ikon party recap.

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Ikon and Legend magazine had a cool event last night in the center of the K street mall. A huge stage/runway was built just for the occasion, the weather was perfect, DJ Psol was on the tables and everyone was in full party mode!

B.Smith and P2 looking a little more sober than 3 hours after this pic.

Jeff, B.Smith and a lady friend.

Of course David was super sloppy drunk like usual. Guess wich one of these is Dave’s shoes. (hint: The one with the drinks spilled all over his jeans and shoes might be a good place to start.)

And even a guest appearance from everyones favorite chipstacker.

April 27, 2007

Friday’s at the Clue.

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Ikon’s fashion show is tonight so everyone was stopping by today! Our boy Wes from Compadre!

The new AJ1 gear came in! All the stuff to go with the BMP pack and the Alpha Omega pack! Shorts and tees.

Keak came by to pick some stuff up! Here he is with our boy Mikey. Supposedly Mikey can play a mean game of s-k-a-t-e.

Dos Equis and Chevys on the river for lunch. What a perfect way to kick of a loooong night!

True blue Spiz’ikes.

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The newest colorway of the Jordan 3-6’s also known as the Spiz’ikes are dropping tomorrow. The last two colors had the red and green hits on it and sold out this color is sure to go just as fast.

Lunch time!

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Big Will (Ikon) and B.Smith getting loose at lunch time! 85 degree weather means the everyone is out! If you dont belive me try sitting out front of the store for an hour!

New Dunk Lo for men and women.

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These new Dunk Lo’s just hit and are avalible in mens and womens sizes. They have a kevlar looking material on the toe and heel and a prtint similar to the SBTG dunks.

Philly AF1’s.

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Check out this new color of the Philly AF1 dropping tomorrow! This one is the same as the blue AF1’s with the diamonds on the tounge that I showed you two days ago, just in a earthtone colorway.

April 24, 2007

Spring time in Sactown.

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Its 80 degrees in Sacto you gotta love that! Blue sky, everyone is out and shopping. Come downtown and enjoy the weather, pick up some shorts while your at it. If you havent been by the store yet this is right outside our outdoor mall, they have some cool mexican food at that place over there on the left.

New Philly AF1’s.

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Ok so keeping on the I95 theme nike is moving out of Baltimore and up to Philly for the next month of limited AF1’s to commemorate the 25th anniversary. These drop Saturday.

FSAS by Famous Stars & Straps.

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This is the limited edition FSAS line from Famous Stars and Straps. Check out the collabs that they have here… Wu Tang, Public Enemy, an elephant print, and more. This is sold only at a few exclusive shops and we are your Nor Cal connect! Stop by and check it out.

April 23, 2007

Ikon x Legend Mag fashion show.

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Come out and support our neighbors. The kids over at Ikon are having a free fashion show out on K street between the IMAX and Cabana this Friday. The pre-party and the after party is invite only so you gotta know someone who knows someone or you are going to hear all about it on Saturday! Watch the video to see what all the hype is about!

April 20, 2007

3Sixteen spring tees.

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We just got a new shipment of 3Sixteen out on the racks. The usual quality that you would expect from the 3Sixteen guys but in a little darker theme, hella blacks and greys in this delivery.

New Dunk Lo’s in stock.

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Men’s and Women’s sizes in this sick Red/Orange & White color of the Dunk Lo. The sole is light grey with a black bottom. Get em before they are sold out like the last Dunk Lo’s (Neon Pack).

New Crooks hoodies in stock.

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Check these new Spring Crooks and Castles hoodies that we just got. We have the .38 hoodie in three different colors. Black/Red, Pruple/Orange, and Heather/Blue. We also picked up the hoodie with “CROOKS” in old english in white and yellow as you see here and in black and purple. And one last hoodie we got is heather/white and aqua. Get em before they are gone! Cant stop the Crooks!

April 19, 2007

New Love / Old Love.

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If you have been living in a box or maybe off on some desert island you might not know that the BMP’s, New love/old love pack, or whatever you wanna call it is dropping this weekend. Something tells me the 10 guys camped out infront of the store yesterday morning know about it. Its gonna be crazy. Check the image on the box of mike in his prime rockin the gold chain! Nice!

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