April 5, 2007

I95 – Baltimore Pack

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I know when you think Baltimore you think Marlo, Avon and what you have seen on TV’s The Wire. Bodymore, Murderland right? Actualy Baltiomore is the reason your rockin forces still 25 years later! You see in B-more the love for the AF1 began to form of a groundswell of support that emerged in the early 80s and eventually spread its affection all over the world. The powerful presence of the shoe on all sides of town turned the AF1 into Baltimore’s shoe of choice, a revolutionary footwear product that spoke volumes about the city’s love for basketball and made Baltimore a key player in the subsequent resurrection of the Air Force 1 and the flourish of basketball culture. The playgrounds of Baltimore became the stage that Force gave its debut performance. These drop Saturday morning. Thanks to

The west side Dome featured local players who gave onlookers their first glimpse of the Air Force 1. Baltimore’s most dominant athletes laced up the AF1 before stepping foot on the city’s most hallowed courts. It was these same athletes who went to Mr. Shoe and cleaned out the store of the latest models. Their insatiable demand for the sneaker cemented the shoe’s legacy and went a long way in ensuring its future. Once embedded in the heart of Baltimore’s basketball community, the Air Force 1 quickly leapt from court to culture, never leaving behind the aesthetic of Baltimore playgrounds and never forgetting the contribution of the city’s players. The Dome is pictured below, as are the kicks.

These two forces are for the Cloverdale parks. The brick colored one is a refrence to the brownstones and bricks seen in the citys buildings. Check the picture of the street up top to see what im talking about.


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