June 27, 2007

AF1 Summer heat!

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Dropping Saturday. Look at the print on the sole!


10 Deep Summer collection.

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We just got the new 10 Deep Summer collection in the store now. This shipment consists of a new item from 10 Deep…Shorts! There are two colors of the chain gang print, the dot print, and a cut off khaki pair. There is also all the usual assortment of hot tees. 10 Deep summer!

Jordan retro 11 lows.

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Check these Jordan retro 11 lows. Two new colors in mens and kids sizes. The grey ones are the super limited ones. The Clue has them!

June 25, 2007

Kool Moe Dee by Kilo Goods.

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We just got a few of these tees but I thought I’d post them up here anyways. The Kilo Kool Moe Dee shirt has an all over space looking print with the Kool on the front. The wild wild wesssst.

Foreign Family in store!

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We have another hot new brand here at the clue that a lot of you have already been up on. The Foreign Family summer stuff is going out the door as we speak. This shipment includes the reprint of the Foreign Affairs tee that everyone has been looking for. Like usual we are the only store in Sac with it.

June 21, 2007


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Russ from Universal sent us all Fabolous tees and bandanas, still no CD yet tho! Our stock room hustler / super intern Gunther wore his to work then robbed the liquor store down the hallway. Hustlin’!

The Wild Ones. By FSAS.

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Another Getta Clue exclusive is the Wild Ones by Famous Stars and Straps. This stuff you wont find in any other stores! This collection is more graphic than the usual famous tees as there ins’t as much tattoo inspired stuff. Come check ’em all out!

The LRG Summer of Love.

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We just got the last LRG Summer delivery and there is some dope stuff in this shipment. The theme for alot of it is the 60’s with alot of psychadelic refrences and even some tie-dyed tees. This is the last LRG shipment before the fall stuff hits so get your shorts and tees before August when they are all gone!

Back to school Famous. First!

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Getta Clue is the first store in Sacramento to have the back to school Famous Stars and Straps in stock! All of the usual heat you have come to expect from Travis and the boys. There are a few tattoo inspired tees as well as tees by Van Halen, Usigro, and more!

Crooks and Castles Summer!

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Summer Crooks is on the shelves this morning! The colors of this shipment is white/black/rer and is one of the strongest shipments to date. The Ol’School tee features mug shots of some old mob bosses, the classic flying gun tee always looks good especialy now in this all over print, the mob boss hands tee shows the rings of a real gangster. There are more tees and even polos as well, get em before its too late!

June 8, 2007

The Black Cats.

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You have to wait till next week for these but it will be worth it. These are the Black Cat Jordan Retro 3’s, all black with dark grey cement print and cement print laces. NASTY!

New NYC AF1’s. Mid & Lo.

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Dropping Saturday we have two new Forces, a mid and a lo. The mid is a New York Knicks color with “the Square” on the tounge. The low is a bright tangerine color with a dark orange back and some sick icey orange soles.

June 1, 2007

Summer LRG out now!

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The sooner you can get here the better if you are trying to get first crack at the new Summer LRG shipment. We have shorts, boardshorts, denim, tanktops, tees, and more just ready for you! This stuff always is gone after the weekend so dont say we didnt warn you!

New stuff from Lemar And Dauley.

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We got the new Lemar & Dauley Summer shipment in stock now! We have too many styles to show here, you are going to have to come in and check ’em out for yourself! Like usual we are the only place in Sacramento with L&D.

NYC stand up! New AF1’s!

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We got these babies dropping Saturday. The Times Square has a black sole and a black “The Square” logo on the tounge. The stitching on the sole is muliti colored. The Supreme NYC Forces are all whithe with a blue sole and have 3M croc print. Check the picture with the flash on to see the pattern. 10am. Be here.

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